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How to Help your vehicle breathe better

Things You’ll Need:

  • Combination wrenches,screw drivers,socket and ratchet set and WD40 or other type of rust inhibitor. Jack,and stands.


Homework, You are going to purchase a Cold air intake kit and a little more free flowing mufflers. You need to find the correct application of parts for your vehicle.There are literally thousands of sites on the internet for automotive parts. I would suggest starting with either Summit or Jegs. These sites sell high performance parts for just about any vehicle made.


Once you get your intake kit and mufflers its time for installation. Follow the instructions that come with the kit. As far as the mufflers go Flowmaster, Magnaflow, Cherrybomb are just a few of the brands to choose from. The idea here is to get air to flow as unrestricted as possible and keep within state and federal EPA laws.


Take your time when installing these parts and do it right the first time. The intake kit replaces the factory air filter assembly. Again study the instructions included and you should have no problems swapping out the parts. The mufflers may be another story. You just might have to replace more than just mufflers. The other pipes may need replacing, they could be rusted to the point that they can’t be saved. Be prepared for this. Once your mufflers are in and the rest of your exhaust is in proper working order, fire it up. The sound coming out of your tail pipes is called the “note”. I enjoy the note to have a certain “Grumble” to it. You may not like a louder performance sound to your car and need to ask questions before buying mufflers.

Tips & Warnings

  • The great thing about replacing the factory intake and mufflers not only are you going to see a significant increase in the performance of your vehicle but you are going to see a big increase in the fuel economy too! The cold air intake kits are 50 state legal. Mufflers may be a bit different. Be aware that some mufflers are for OFF ROAD USE ONLY don’t buy these.

  • When buying a cold air intake kit be aware that some come with a washable air filter element. This means that the filter can be washed by hand and when dried you need to spray a fine coat of oil on the filter itself. You will need to buy a kit for this,you can find these at just about any auto parts store. Now buying these parts aren’t exactly cheap. Depending on your vehicle this will set you back anywhere between 250 and 500 bucks and possibly a bit more. Depending on how long you keep your vehicle you’ll recupe the cost on your fuel savings.

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